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Sibling and Olivier Zahm interviews are up on-demand now!

Two of last week's fascinating In Fashion interviews are now available to watch on-demand! Lou Stoppard sat down first with Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery of Sibling, who covered everything from their process of working together to run Sibling - 'If two are on the floor crying there's always one left standing who can take the helm!' - to their experiences early on in their individual careers. 

The second interview with Olivier Zahm took an equally sincere direction, with the Purple founder touching on seventies pornography as an early creative influence and discussing the sexual nature of his photographs - 'Maybe the nudity in Purple is more shocking because we don't protect ourselves with artificial fashion imagery'.

Catch up on the interviews and stay tuned for uncut footage of chats with Jefferson Hack and Alex Bilmes!