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Spied in Vogue

Maybe you caught details about our 'living photographs' by Simon Foxton and Liberty Ross 'dress-up model' live events published in the new issue of UK Vogue.

To keep you in the know, Liberty's is currently scheduled as a live event in early June, but there will be plenty to see prior to this, as you will see the project unfold over the coming month. We expect to officially open the project in two weeks with video of last week's pre-production meeting with Liberty, creative clues in Nick Knight's reference images, and film footage from five years of photoshoots with Ms Ross. For now, scroll back through the diary below, to see previous updates about this project.

Simon's 'living photographs' project is called SITTINGS: THIRTY MEN and is now halfway through on day fifteen. There's a lot of catching up for you to do in this one, so look in the Current Projects list below, and go right in now where Arthur is waiting for you.