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Studio Shift

The studio is in a bit of a meltdown as we gear up towards a) leaving for the Easter Break and b) returning to get the new site rebuild up for the end of next week. Paul Bruty, Dorian Moore and Ross Phillips have moved their desks town to the 'cove' end of the studio to start what will become the supertable. Nick Knight's assistants, Jez, Charney and Eisuke are in to mop up some of the aftermath this leaves.

The 'natural daylight' end of the studio is thus cleared in preparation for SITTINGS, which is scheduled to begin on Friday 1st. Assistants are being appointed to look after the models and Simon Foxton continues to send in diary images to show how the fashion prep is going. Meanwhile, everyone's trying to get their head around the new content management system and tempers are fraying.