by Penny Martin .

Submissions In

Well, you've done us proud, SHOWstudio faithful! We've been furiously unwrapping garments received all afternoon and there are some real corkers in there. Collector's items, velvet wedges from Tom Ford's final collection, sent by YSL, a beautiful dress from Camilla Staerk, the sweetest little crocheted slippers from Bernhard Willhelm (the film of them being unpacked alone brought a tear to my eye!) and a gorgeous Viktor & Rolf skirt from Sarah at Colette are just some of the highlights. But as much as the celebrity provenances of these garments, this project is also about the stories behind them and you've been breaking our hearts with tales of nascent romance, lust consummated and doomed love.

A personal favourite, though, has nothing to do with the arc of human relationships and everything to do with everyday neighbourliness. In the form accompanying his submission, the Danish designer Peter Jensen writes: 'This doll was given to me by my neighbour, Dot. She gave it to me because she said I was the most charming young man she had ever met in her life'. There's a message there, dear reader. Do as you would be done to and you too can earn a two-headed, knitted doll. Or, of course, you could bid for it on EBay this coming October.