by Penny Martin .

The Clothes

Regarding the fashion, we hadn’t made the decision of whether to use current fashion that’s in the shops or future fashion that was shown at the Menswear shows in January (see Simon Foxton’s mail below). I’m imagining it’s more useful for viewers to see what they can’t access yet, so we’ve decided on A/W '05.

From: simon foxton <**********@*******>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 23:12:17 +0000
To: penny martin <*****@**************>
Subject: season

Dear Penny Agutter,
A quick query I forgot to bring up today but is rather relevant, I am
assuming we will be showcasing Fall/Winter 05-06 menswear in my piece as that is what is now available from PRs although I realise this will be
somewhat previous.
To shoot Spring/Summer 05, although more 'now' would be a logistical
nightmare as it is already on sale.
I just need to OK this with you so we're on the same page.
Let me know your thoughts,