by Penny Martin .


Who's 'a wanker'? What male stylist can't keep their clothes on? And which esteemed fashion writer has 'the back of a swimmer and the head of a monkey'?!! We knew Moët + a fashion crowd yields sensational results, but add the SHOWstudio 'Confessions' Interactive to the mix and last night we created controversy! View the scurrilous secrets of the Bal Masqué's guests in this highly entertaining series of revealing, confessional clips.


  1. flux
    21:47 26 Oct 2006
    I really enjoyed watching the whole Bal (yes, I had nothing better to do, but even if I had I'd have cut it to watch anyway so I am sad), but these Confessions are definitely icing on the cake. Despite censoring.
  2. la
    10:09 28 Oct 2006
    These are brilliant!
    My favorites are The boy getting canned,Alister Mckie and Nick knights wife(!) and the brilliant mini-soap opera/love story of the divorcing couple who... well you watch yourself for the ending.
    Amazing slices of real life in all that swirling fantasy.