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The Left Forearm by Sølve Sundsbø

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We're already into the third week of our latest far-reaching fashion film season The Fashion Body - the seventh film in our series comes from leading image-maker Sølve Sundsbø, who contributes a film focussed on the left forearm. Fashion for the forearm perhaps leaves you stumped, but the ever inventive Sundsbø came up with a thousand fashion alternatives - quite literally - flicking through a myriad permutations f this extremity at breakneck speed. From the conventional gloves, bangles and cuffs of many a fifties couture sitting through our modern obsessions with tattoos and body-modification, and even a few pumped-up gym-bunnies for good measure, this film is a riposte to all those who complain of the homogeny of the contemporary fashion scene: although undoubtedly fashion-focussed, no two of these bodies are exactly alike.


  1. AndrewSmith
    11:16 2 Aug 2010
    That is QUITE an arm collection! I wonder who they all are, friends or randomers?
  2. CarrieScott
    11:38 2 Aug 2010
    I love how abstracted the forearm becomes as a result of the quick repetition of images. Hirst and Warhol are probably best know for this visual aesthetic in contemporary art but typically we see this on a fixed canvases.
    In Sundsbø's film the only movement comes from the splicing of film together. This feels fresh, and somehow terribly sensitive to difference.
  3. leonor
    12:11 2 Aug 2010
    This series is great !!
  4. 1uke
    14:02 2 Aug 2010
    What it says on the tin...elementary but alluring.
  5. b4rt0
    17:25 2 Aug 2010
    1:10 of my life I will never get back.....nothing alluring or great about this at all.....