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The one that got away

Zhangyixi's heartbreaker e-mail sent to Paul Bruty's own site, this morning tugged on the team's heartstrings to the extent that we thought that if we hadn't time to receive Zhangyixi's granny's garment, we should at least blog the memory of it:

From: "cha he"
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 03:52:45 -0500
Subject: from China
I should say sorry at the beginning ,I can't register in showstudio and can't send mail to you . So I search your mail from your links.....So.....sorry
I saw the project(bring&buy)from your web,it's super!It give me much inspiration.....I have a garment ,my grandmother's garment which designed and made by my grandmother herself when I was a little girl....but when I grow up my grannie passed away before last festival......I know I love her deeply...

I wanna tell other people more about my grannie and her garment which records my country and my personal memoy....though it doesn't have a brand.

But it's too late and I live so far from Europe....

Say thank you give us a chance to reminisce.....

Best wishes