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Transformative: Sam McKnight for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld

Our Transformative project - a running series of interviews with stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers - continues as renowned hairstylist Sam McKnight shares his experience of working with Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel runway shows. 

Comparing photo shoots with the chaos of the runway show McKnight explains ‘You kind of relinquish lots of control at the shows, because it’s not your environment, it’s someone else’s environment.’ He reveals he gets past the challenge of creating hair styles for up to a hundred models by using wigs and hairpieces, preparing them weeks in advance and working on each model right up to the moment they walk; ‘I’m right there at the very end… I need to be the last person who touches them, much to the dismay of the show producers.’

Watch the interview now for McKnight’s perspective on Chanel, and peruse Transformative's sister project Subjective for the model’s point of view on some of the world's most famous fashion imagery.