by Andrew Gow .

Y-3 Press Day

Snow boots

If Paris has shown us one thing these past few seasons, it has been that the new fashion temperament demands to feel both at ease and ready-for-action in the same breath. Y-3, the collaboration label shared by Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto excels at this formula, working some beautiful couture-y elements into an otherwise sporty repertoire, with pieces that are certain to raise the bar at gyms across London. It won't surprise that the label should be such a favourite amongst dancers too. Always under pressure to look great as well as to have luxurious ease of movement, they can often be seen swanning around Covent Garden Fame!-style in their sweatbands and sexy cotton jersey slacks. Team this with the snowboots seen above for maximum impact - and you might just learn how to fly....high too.