by Penny Martin .

YSL Costume Jewellery

Costume rings made of tin
Necklace inspired by artist Louise Nevelson

Wooo! Well, it is Halloween... Today it is also the start of the press day season, which gives me a chance to follow up a FORUM enquiry about the S/S YSL jewellery. It seems that these 'skeleton' montage brooches -made of mother of pearl, wood, metal and much else- along with the necklace below, are based on the sculptures of Dada-period artist Louise Nevelson.

If you scroll down a little, you will see that their consciously clunky, hand-assembled aesthetic is in stark contrast to the more ornate costume jewellery more akin to ancient Greek jewellery or that of the Danish Modernists. Fashioned mostly out of tin, YSL are shrewdly pricing these at 'entry level'; some of these gems are only seventy of your British pounds!