French electro DJ/producer Pedro Winter (aka Busy P) is the owner of Ed Banger Records as well as the manager of Daft Punk. Born Pierre Winter in 1975 in Paris, he became interested in electronic dance music around 1992 and not long thereafter began spinning at clubs and planning parties, where he became acquainted with many of the scene's key participants, including David Guetta, DJ Cam, Dimitri from Paris, and Daft Punk.

In the wake of Daft Punk's world-wide success, Winter founded the management company Headbangers Entertainment in 2002 and assumed management duties for other French electronic dance acts such as Cassius, DJ Mehdi, Cosmo Vitelli, and Thomas Winter et Bogue. In 2003 he founded Ed Banger Records, which released music by up-and-coming French electro artists including Justice, Mr. Flash, Vicarious Bliss, Uffie, DJ Mehdi, and others. 

Winter also produces tracks of his own under the Busy P moniker, beginning in 2004, shortly after founding Ed Banger records, with the Limit Ed 12" single featuring the tracks 'Colette C'est Chouette' and 'Bearbrickdance'.



  1. 27 Aug 2013
    Busy P features in a project.