Di Minrakhmanova is the co-founder and designer of the Outlaw Moscow fashion brand. She has a creative background. After graduation, Minrakhmanova entered the People's Friendship University, becoming a political scientist and an interpreter in Chinese language. Minrakhmanova interned in Beijing and studied at Xiamen University. After graduation, she painted, traveled, created short films and imagery, designed clothes and sewed, and graduated from the Moscow School of Design, launching the fashion brand Outlaw Moscow together with Maxim Bashkaev. In addition to fashion design, she makes short videos for Outlaw Moscow, organize shootings and actively participate in Moscow art life.





  1. 15 Nov 2016
    Di Minrakhmanova creates a fashion film.

    Outlaw Film 2

  2. 15 Nov 2016
    Di Minrakhmanova creates a backstage film.

    Outlaw Film 2: Behind-the-Scenes

  3. 21 Oct 2015
    Di Minrakhmanova features in a project.

    Fashion Film Award in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate