Ebun Sodipo is a writer and visual artist. Sodipo’s work interrogates and excavates knowledge production, identity construction, the everyday and online social networks. They also produce immersive dissonant installations and short videos. The work aims to provoke questions about categories and their specific histories, to trouble notions of a ‘natural’ state of being and of knowing, and most importantly to give place to everyday diasporic, marginalised practices as forms of art: as forms of creative living, of lives that constantly offer alternatives to hegemonic ways of being and knowing.

Sodipo's work finds its impetus in their social positionality/ most salient identities: they are queer, non-binary, migrant, African, AMAB, middle class, artist and Black. Their written work attempts to examine the category of blackness and its relationship to modernity as an originary concept.

Sodipo has spoken on panels about race, skin colour, history, masculinity, religion, intersectionality. As part of the collective The Black House, Sodipo temporarily takes over spaces and transforms them to create warm, inviting, familiar, and rejuvenating black homes.





  1. 24 Apr 2018
    Ebun Sodipo features in a project.