Olivier Alary is a musician who is known under the title of his musical project 'Ensemble'. Born in Toulouse, France, Alary consolidated his early experimentations with vocal, ambient and distorted recorded sounds by completing a BA in Sonic Art as a complimentary component of a BA in Architecture. In 2000, Ensemble released their experimental pop debut Sketch Proposals (Rephlex Records). After several remixes for Björk, Alary co-wrote the song Desired Constellation on her album, Medulla and has since produced her 2005 album, 'Triumph of a Heart'. Alary's musical project 'Ensemble' has recently released a second self-titled album which features folk-pop vocal pieces featuring Cat Power and Dinosaur Jr’s Lou Barlow. Alary has also worked with the on music projects with the Berlin-based trio 'Chlorgeschlecht' and has composed music for dance, film and installation art.

Selected Discography

  • 'Sketch Proposals', debut album on Rephlex records
  • 'Sun in my mouth recomposed by Ensemble', Ensemble's 1st Björk remix ('Vespertine')
  • 'Cocoon retangled by Ensemble', Ensemble's 2nd Björk remix ('Vespertine')
  • ‘Mouth's Cradle recomposed by Ensemble’, Ensemble's 3rd Björk remix (Medulla)
  • ‘Desired Constellation’ on Björk’s album ('Medulla')
  • ‘Chlorgeschlecht – Unyoga’ (Honorary mention at the Ars Electronica 2004)
  • ‘ensemble : ensemble’, second album on FatCat records
  • ‘Disown, delete’ (E.p) on FatCat records

Selected Projects

  • 'Up the Yangtze': Soundtrack of the feature length documentary directed by yung Chang and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. 2007
  • 'Bascule', Soundtrack for David Wampach’s dance piece Bascule for the 'Printemps de Septembre' Art festival, Toulouse, 2005
  • 'Proposal 9', Soundtrack for 'New Skin' an installation by Doug Aitken, for 'Sonic-Process', MACBA, Barcelona; Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2003
  • 'Ephemere', Soundtrack for 'Radical Fashion', Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 2001




  1. 25 Sep 2006
    Olivier Alary features in a project.

    Experiments In Advertising: The Films Of Erwin Blumenfeld

  2. 19 Dec 2005
    Olivier Alary features in a project.

    Editing Fashion

  3. 17 Apr 2003
    Olivier Alary features in a project.

    Compulsive Viewing: The Films Of Guy Bourdin