Tom Guinness is a well recognised stylist who was born in the United Kingdom in 1986 and is now based in New York. Guinness entered the fashion industry as a model and was featured as the face of numerous advertising campaigns.

Guinness naturally gravitated towards styling and soon gained valuable experiences as an intern for stylists Karl Templer and Panos Yiapanis. In his capacity as a stylist, Guinness has worked with photographers such as Tung Walsh, Magnus Unnar, Brett Lloyd, Rachel Chandler, David Armstrong and Matthew Williams. 

With an all round focus on menswear, he has contributed to a host of publications including editorials for L’Officiel Homme, Purple, Novembre and V Man.

Guinness explains that his preoccupation for clothing developed at a young age and along with his personal experiences, inform many of his styling decisions. Styling is a great way to communicate emotions and attitudes but Guinness stresses that bouncing ideas with friends and youth culture, are important points of departure in any project. Articulating ideas that are  rooted in cultural relevance rather than relying on menswear trends alone predominantly fuel his creative expression. 


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It was great to spend some time thinking about punk and its role in my life and work - it is such a massive part of our visual landscape.


  1. 1 Sep 2015
    Tom Guinness features in a project.

    Mother: Alyx A/W 15

  2. 12:00 - 12:45 on 12 Jan 2015
    Tom Guinness presents a live stream.

    Craig Green: Live panel discussion

  3. 27 Aug 2013
    Tom Guinness features in a project.


  4. 22 Jul 2013
    Tom Guinness creates a fashion film.

    Tom Guinness


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