Yuen Hsieh is a filmmaker based in London. During his studies in Royal College of Art, Hsieh's films reflect self experiences, storytelling with a nod to sci-fi. Hsieh aims to challenge viewers to consider current environments and technologies. Hsieh has filmed projects in Kenya, Iceland, Czech Republic and Tokyo and since 2010, has exhibited his artistic works in London, Berlin, Monaco, Beijing and Taipei. Hsieh's has created commissioned video advertisements for the likes of London Design Biennale, SAMSUNG and CHANEL. He is now the founder of Yuen Hsieh Studio and works worldwide for various types of projects.


  1. 2 Mar 2018
    Yuen Hsieh features in a project.

    Fashion Film Submissions

  2. 22 Nov 2016
    Yuen Hsieh creates a fashion film.

    Xiu Long