Interview - Boudicca

by Penny Martin .

Penny Martin: When did you first move into your studio?

Boudicca: Around the time that Brick Lane was developed by Property Developers using European Community money.

Penny Martin: What made you choose it?

Boudicca: A 20mtr Long table, close to Hackney Marshes and the old canal system: 
all great escape routes.

Penny Martin: What are the different roles of the people working in your studio?

Boudicca: To make... To create... To cook... To live...

Penny Martin: Please describe what happens there on a typical day.

Boudicca: Chaos, laughter, nightmares, and dreams....

Penny Martin: How did the appearance/décor of your studio come about? Did it evolve spontaneously, or was it designed?

Boudicca: Scavenging Night Times Thieves and Daytime Believers.

Penny Martin: Is there something about your studio that inspires your work or is it purely 
a practical space?

Boudicca: Its purposes are both the inscape and landscape of our every waking decision.