Interview - Eley Kishimoto

by Penny Martin .


Penny Martin: When did you first move into your studio? 

Eley Kishimoto: September 1994.

Penny Martin: What made you choose it? 

Eley Kishimoto: The size, one room to fit 10m print table, a dye room, a clean design and make room, but importantly it is very cheap and it is local to our home.

Penny Martin: What are the different roles of the people working in your studio? 

Eley Kishimoto: We all have individual responsibilities and in addition to this we are all chameleons and adopt each other¹s roles if required. We would like to make the point that it is a team effort and we work well as a team.

Penny Martin: Please describe what happens there on a typical day. 

Eley Kishimoto: Design, print, manufacture, market, communicate and laugh as much as possible.

Penny Martin: How did the appearance/décor of your studio come about? Did it evolve spontaneously, or was it designed? 

Eley Kishimoto: The mess grew with us, it's a very natural process of collecting and not being able to throw anything away.

Penny Martin: Is there something about your studio that inspires your work or is it purely a practical space? 

Eley Kishimoto: It is a practical space but the people who inhabit it are party to inspiration.