Interview - Miki Fukai

by Penny Martin .

Penny Martin: When did you first move into your studio? 

Miki Fukai: March 2003.

Penny Martin: What made you choose it? 

Miki Fukai: Because my friends (jewellery designers called a'n'd) are also working in this building.

Penny Martin: What are the different roles of the people working in your studio? 

Miki Fukai: Designer (obviously), art director, marketing/studio manager, pattern cutter, machinists and studio assistants.

Penny Martin: Please describe what happens there on a typical day. 

Miki Fukai: Normally, Miki greets everyone at the door (10.30), coffee, work, lunch and chat, work some more, tea break, work some more, then everyone leaves around 7pm. 

Penny Martin: How did the appearance/décor of your studio come about? Did it evolve spontaneously or was it designed? 

Miki Fukai: A lot of the furniture at the studio was either given by people or found on streets. To make everything seem coordinated, I decided to paint everything in white. I arranged the space in a way that is quite open so that everyone can see each other and make it seem friendly. So I guess it was kind of spontaneously decorated, but I hope it's nicely arranged.

Penny Martin: Is there something about your studio that inspires your work or is it purely a practical space? 

Miki Fukai: I own a lot of art/design reference books, but otherwise it's basically a practical space (always tidy though or I can't work).