Fashion Film: Ruth Hogben

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Direction: Ruth Hogben; Models: Liberty Ross at Storm Models, Xiao Wen Ju at IMG, Anais Mali at Viva London, Alexia Wight ; Production: Gainsbury & Whiting; Soundtrack: Bryan Ferry; Hats and hat-placing: Philip Treacy; Millinery Assistance: Alessandra Greco; Styling: Amanda Harlech; Styling Assistance: Gerry O'Kane; Hair: Laurent Philippon at Calliste; Hair assistance: Oskar Pera; Make Up: Topolino at Calliste; Make Up Assistance: Vichika Yorn; Casting: Jess Hallett at Streeters; Set Design: Andrew Tomlinson at Streeters; Art Department Assistance: James Cross and Andrew Brown; Camera Operation: Edward Edwards; Camera Assistance: Chloe Orefice; DIT: Joseph Colley; Producer: Camila Klich; Production Manager: Kat Davey; Production Assistance: May Powell; Camera equipment supplied by Fava Rental; Location vehicles supplied by Jeff Edwards; With thanks to Rigby & Peller and Manolo Blahnik; With special thanks to Bryan Ferry, Lady Rona Delves Broughton for use of Doddington Hall; Bruce Johnston and David Abell for their assistance with this project.