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  • As Production Assistant Mariana helps co-ordinate SHOWstudio's workflow and assists all projects and events. Caldeira also works along side Nick’s assistants on a variety Photographic and Fashion Film shoots.
  • As SHOWstudio’s Artist Liaison and Gallery Manager, Bex Cassie is responsible for managing the site's fashion illustration program, commissioning new artists for SHOWstudio's projects and fashion week coverage and working with existing collaborators on selling their work. Additionally, she works to help boost SHOWstudio Shop’s profile and generate more online sales, while managing SHOWstudio's gallery space.
  • As Production Manager of SHOWstudio, Riana Casson co-ordinates the teams' day-to-day, produces in-house shoots and oversees all projects, shoots and events.
  • As SHOWstudio Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Couceiro works directly with Nick Knight to create, edit and commission fashion films and interviews for the site. Couceiro is also responsible for SHOWstudio's presence at international fashion film festivals as the main point of communication for all fashion film submissions, maintaining and developing SHOWstudio's reputation as the Home of Fashion Film.
  • As Fashion Editor, Georgina Evans supervises the process of creating, developing and presenting the editorial direction of SHOWstudio. In addition to hosting SHOWstudio’s live panel discussions, Evans' role includes managing SHOWstudio’s social media presence, providing collections coverage, conducting interviews and writing for the site. Alongside this, she works closely with writers, photographers and contributors to ensure viewers are given the most up-to-date fashion coverage.
  • As Features Editor, Lara Johnson-Wheeler helps develop and direct SHOWstudio's editorial content. Working directly with Fashion Editor Georgina Evans, Johnson-Wheeler’s role includes broadcasting, writing interviews and essays and providing collections coverage. As well as managing panel discussions and curating projects for the site, she commissions freelance work from SHOWstudio’s ever-growing body of contributors.
  • As E-commerce Manager at SHOWstudio, Mariana Kazarnovsky works to develop the online store and its product offering, marketing activities and customer service. She also works with London concept store MACHINE-A, offering customers the ability to shop their collections online through the SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A partnership.
  • As Creative Content Commissioner, Calum works on bringing the newest and most exciting contributors and projects to SHOWstudio’s ever evolving platform. Working cross departmentally, Calum ensures projects are cohesive and all-encompassing of SHOWstudio’s ethos.
  • As Executive Producer of SHOWstudio, Charlotte Knight oversees the production of all of SHOWstudio's projects from planning through to the various elements of post-production.
  • As Illustration Agent and Head of Publicity of SHOWstudio, Emily Knight oversees PR for SHOWstudio and the production of special projects and collaborations. Working alongside Gallery Manager Bex Cassie, Knight agents for SHOWstudio's contributing fashion illustrators.
  • Director and Founder of SHOWstudio, Nick Knight oversees all of SHOWstudio's creative output. Continuing to explore the possibilities of fashion film and photography in his own work, Knight established SHOWstudio on a manifesto of collaboration and transparency of process.
  • As Art Director, Younji works alongside Nick Knight and in collaboration with other departments to lead the creative process and uphold the visual quality of the website as well as SHOWstudio's social media platforms. She aims to develop the studio's visual aesthetics by experimenting new ways of presenting online content. Younji draws from her extensive background in film and sound making to develop artistic moving image concepts and translate these into impactful final products.
  • As Nick Knight's First Assistant, Britt Lloyd works closely alongside Knight to provide camera and production assistance on his many projects.
  • As E-Commerce Supervisor, Aileen Pham works alongside Mariana Kazarnovsky, assisting in editing and maintaining the premium service of our online store platform, in partnership with MACHINE-A. Pham covers online content production, customer service, designer research and marketing.
  • Director and Curator of Nick Knight's Archive, Carrie Scott curates the gallery exhibitions that involve collaborations with a number of artists, fashion designers and other creatives from around the world. Scott also curates a number of live-broadcast studio residencies that run alongside each exhibition, revealing the working practice of some of fashion, fine art and film's most influential practitioners.
  • As Second Photographic Assistant to Nick Knight, Rob Rusling works on all Nick Knight’s photographic shoots as well as a variety of SHOWstudio projects.
  • As Design Assistant, Tom Zambaz works closely with the SHOWstudio Art and Film Departments. Zambaz specialises in Interactive Design and writing code. On a day to day basis he consolidates and updates the SHOWstudio archive and applies his expansive digital skill set to the construction of new projects.
  • As Editor-At-Large, Lou Stoppard works alongside Nick Knight to manage the editorial direction of SHOWstudio. Stoppard's role includes commissioning freelance work, coming up with site concepts, providing collections coverage, organising fashion live broadcasts and interviews and building connections with SHOWstudio's panel contributors. She also hosts SHOWstudio's live panel discussions during collections.
  • Matthew Williams is an Art Director currently working with SHOWstudio on a number of new projects.
  • SHOWstudio's contributing head of fashion film Marie Schuller works with Nick Knight within the development and production of SHOWstudio's fashion films. This includes establishing concepts for films series and discovering talent. In addition, Schuller continues to produce her own work for the site.
  • As Multimedia Consultant for, Danny Brown works with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio's creative and technical departments to develop and incorporate new creative and interactive multimedia applications for the site.